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Kitchen duct cleaning is an essential process for ensuring safe kitchen environments and meeting regulation standards.

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kitchen duct cleaningKitchen duct cleaning is required by law for commercial kitchens and is also an excellent idea for any residential kitchen. Due to the steam, exhaust, grease and other fumes resulting from cooking delicious food there is an inevitable build up of grime and grease in the ducts of a kitchen. This grease and particulate build up will eventually result in an easily avoidable fire hazard and the buildup is also responsible for the eventual mechanical issues that can occur in the workings of an oven or other kitchen appliances and ducts.

Modern duct construction is designed to minimize the risk and danger of fires, but it pays to take every precaution. Murphy’s law will find those filthy ducts and there’s no sense in risking that. Depending on the type of kitchen and the variety of food which is cooked on the stoves and in the ovens the recommended frequency of cleaning can vary. A typical kitchen will require cleaning every 3 months, but specialized kitchens may vary, such as:

  • 24 hour restaurants: every 30 days
  • Burger joints, fast food places: every 60 days
  • Average kitchen: 90 days
  • Pizza kitchens: every 180 days

Booking Hotline: (03) 8672 1407

The process of kitchen duct cleaning is an intensive one and requires specialized tools and training. Kitchen ducts are sensitive and also essential to the smooth and safe running of a kitchen, whether residential or commercial, so keeping them safe, clean and shiny is worth any expense or inconvenience in the cleaning process. Obviously, the cleaning process will stop the use of the kitchen for a little bit, but the kitchen duct cleaning professionals will do their best to minimize the interruption and the resulting efficiency and safety of the ducts is certainly worth the interruption.

There are basically two processes by which a kitchen duct cleaning occurs:

  • The scraping method
  • Pressure washing or steam cleaning method

commercial duct cleaningThe cleaning methods are often combined to provide a thoroughly effective kitchen duct cleaning process. The scraping method is exactly what it sounds like: all that particulate matter and grime is manually scraped off of the ducts until they are shiny and clean. This method is the simplest, most cost effective, fastest and thus the most often employed method of kitchen duct cleaning. Most routine cleanings can be done with the scraping method. However, the scraping method of kitchen duct cleaning is not as deep of a clean as the pressure washing or steam cleaning methods and there are also some ducts which are inaccessible for the scraping method.

The pressure washing method will result in a much more thorough cleaning of the ducts, as all of the dirt and grime and particulate build-up will be washed away, leaving only the bare metal of the original ducts. This is the safest result for ducts in the kitchen, and the time in between duct cleanings can be longer for some kitchens. However, pressure washing kitchen duct cleaning requires more preparation and is more time consuming because the area must be prepped for waste water and chemical disposal to meet regulation requirements.

Varying which method is employed for kitchen duct cleaning can help keep the costs of the mandatory duct cleaning low, and also ensure a safe kitchen cooking environment. The complexity of duct cleaning requires professional assistance, and the method which is best for a particular duct system may vary.

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