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Need a little help around the house? Our staff of Domestic Cleaning Melbourne specialists understand how difficult it can be to keep up with a dirty house, but we are here to help. If you’re needing some assistance around the house once in awhile, look no further! Our highly trained and experienced team of Domestic Cleaning Melbourne professionals are the best around and are determined to be leaders in the field of domestic cleaning. Call us today at (03) 8672 1407 to receive a completely free consultation or get answers to any questions that come to mind. A clean home is a happy home, and if you want only the most experienced Domestic Cleaning Melbourne professionals on the job, we are certainly the people to call. We cover all the bases when it comes to domestic cleaning and you won’t find better service anywhere else. Available 7 days a week, our friendly staff is always eager to go above and beyond what is expected with every client we have. Call now!


Our Domestic Cleaning Melbourne team will remove dust from every corner of your home so you can enjoy cleaner indoor air. Allowing dust to build up in the home can contribute to asthma issues or aggravate allergy problems, so we make sure to get to all the hard to reach spots. Dust can also find its way into the ventilation system, slowly building up over time and reducing your home’s indoor air quality. Not only that, by removing dust you’re also ridding your home of annoying dust mites which is often to blame for runny noses, sneezing or other nasal problems.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let our Domestic Cleaning Melbourne professionals carefully clean even your most sensitive upholstery, removing stains, pet dander or other unwanted materials. We take great care to preserve your upholstery and have years of combined experience with treating any number of fabrics. Have you been reluctant to try and remove that stain from your expensive couch, thinking it may ruin the upholstery? Call our highly qualified cleaning experts to ensure your fabric is preserved while any and all stains are removed for good.

Pet Stain Removal

If you have pets, chances are they’ve made more than a few messes in the past. If there are stubborn stains in the carpet or upholstery that just refuse to disappear, give us a call today. The experts at Domestic Cleaning Melbourne have seen it all and can remove pet stains in no time flat. Don’t spend hours trying to remove stains from your home using an array of chemicals that may cause more harm than good. Instead, give us a call and let us take care of the problem for you. We can remove any pet stain quickly along with any undesirable odours they may be causing.

Mopping and Tile Cleaning

We will thoroughly mop your hardwood and tile floors to give them the shine you’ve been looking for. You may also be interested in receiving a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning service as well. We can use high pressure washers to completely remove any and all traces of mould, bacteria, mildew or stains that may be present. Afterwards, ask about grout and tile sealing to help discourage your tile floors from getting dirty again in the future.

Vacuuming and Complete Carpet Cleaning

Carpets provide the perfect habitat for contaminants, dirt and other debris to hide. VOCs, dust mites, fleas, mold, mildew, you name it- a vast majority of these unwelcome guests can be easily eliminated by our cleaning specialists very quickly. Call our Domestic Cleaning Melbourne associates for professional carpet cleaning services. We will vacuum every square inch of your home or can focus our cleaning on specific rooms in which the carpet has become heavily soiled. Ask about our carpet drying cleaning or carpet steam cleaning services as well to make your carpets look like they did on the day you moved in.

For the best Domestic Cleaning Melbourne services around, call us today at (03) 8672 1407 to receive your free consultation. We’re available 7 days a week and our friendly staff is committed to providing the best customer service in the region. We also service all suburbs, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and let our professionals clean your home like it’s never been cleaned before!

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