Stains and Spotting: Carpet Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

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Stains and Spotting: Carpet Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Carpet stains of any kind can be easily removed by experts from even the most sensitive and expensive fabrics. If you’ve had a plumbing leak and are dealing with water damage or simply have tracks of dirt through your home, call our staff of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts at (03) 8672 1407 for more information.

How to Approach a Carpet Stain or Spill

  • Many cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, can either make carpet stains worse or completely change the color of the carpet in the effected area altogether.
  • When a stain or spill occurs, immediately use a dry cloth to soak up any liquids you can. Avoid rubbing the carpet as this may only help the stain move deeper into the carpet. Instead, simply apply pressure and let the liquid soak into the towel.
  • You may then apply a mild detergent that can be used on your carpet, but be sure to check what type of carpet you have before using detergent as every carpet is different and may react adversely to certain detergent.
  • Continue blotting the carpet stain until it disappears.

Follow Up With a Complete Carpet Steam Cleaning or Carpet Dry Cleaning

Once you’ve done your best to lift the carpet stain, contact a professional carpet cleaning company to do steam cleaning or dry cleaning on your carpet. For best results, it’s recommended to do steam cleaning as this tends to pull the most dirt and contaminants from the deepest part of the carpet. While vacuuming may remove surface dirt, a tremendous amount of nasty things can linger deep in the carpet such as mould, dust mites or insects.

Vacuum Regularly to Extend Your Carpet’s Life Span

Vacuuming on a consistent basis will remove surface dirt and contaminants before they have a chance to settle deeper in the carpet. The amount of vacuuming that may be required will depend on how much traffic your home or business receives on a daily basis. Not only will consistent vacuuming improve the quality of your indoor air, it will also increase your carpet’s life span and reduce the chance of having to replace soiled carpet in the future.

For expert service done in a timely manner, call our team of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Specialists at (03) 8672 1407 to remove your carpet stains and spots. We work 7 days a week and will respond to your call right away, providing the best customer service around at competitive prices.

rudyStains and Spotting: Carpet Cleaning Dos and Don’ts