Professional Duct Cleaning: More Than Just the Ductwork

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Professional Duct Cleaning: More Than Just the Ductwork

One of the more popular approaches to dealing with poor indoor air quality is to have certified professionals conduct a thorough duct cleaning of your home or business. While it is a good idea to remove all the dirt and contaminants that can build up in the ductwork, it’s equally important to ensure the duct cleaning company you employ inspects and cleans all the components connected to your home’s air conditioning system. To learn more about what the best duct cleaning experts can do for your  indoor air quality, call Duct Cleaning Melbourne right now at (03) 8672 1407 for your free consultation.

Cooling Coils

If dust and other materials get caught up in the cooling coils, this can have a negative impact on your air conditioning system’s efficiency while also contributing to poor indoor air quality. This fact applies to all system components. Be sure your residential, commercial or industrial duct cleaning includes removing unwanted materials from sensitive areas like the cooling coils.

Condensate Drain Pans

To ensure your air conditioning system works at peak efficiency following duct cleaning, check to see if the condensate drain pan has been completely cleaned. Condensation, drainage and bacterial growth can cause significant problems to an air conditioning system if left ignored. What some professionals call the ‘petri dish effect’ can occur here which happens because the warm standing water found in the pan stimulates the growth of so many potentially hazardous organisms. Even after every aspect of your home’s ventilation system is cleaned, if the condensate drain pan is left dirty, these organisms can easily be carried by the fans through the air ducts and find their way into your indoor air.

Fans, Supplies and Returns

Like other system components, it’s essential to have supply and return grilles cleaned along with the air conditioning fan itself. If mould is an issue in your ductwork, this will prevent spores from creating new mould growth in areas that have previously been cleaned. Have a member of the duct cleaning company you’ve hired walk you through the property and point out all the services that have been done so you can rest assured nothing was overlooked.

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rudyProfessional Duct Cleaning: More Than Just the Ductwork