Did My Duct Cleaning Company Do a Good Job?

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Did My Duct Cleaning Company Do a Good Job?

Upon hiring a duct cleaning company to remove dust, allergens, micro organisms, mould and other contaminated material from your ventilation system, it’s a good idea to inspect all the components of your home’s air conditioning system after the job is complete to make sure everything was done correctly. When the job is finished, a professional should be more than happy to give you a tour of what was cleaned. To learn more about the importance of residential, industrial or commercial duct cleaning, call Duct Cleaning Melbourne at (03) 8672 1407 for expert advice and a free consultation. Review the information below to ensure the duct cleaning company you’ve hired has done a thorough job.

All Components to Air Conditioning System Should Be Clean

There’s much more to duct cleaning than simply cleaning the air ducts themselves. Dust, mould and other unwanted materials should also be thoroughly removed from condensate drain pans, fans, cooling coils, supplies, returns, and any vents throughout the home. Cleaning every aspect of your homes air conditioning system will also boost the energy efficiency significantly.  Many companies may take before and after photographs to show the difference duct cleaning can make, especially in areas that cannot be easily reached.

Air Vents are Clean

The supply and return grills should be spotless as this will help alleviate the risk of mould or dust particulates from being pulled back into the now clean air duct system.

Fiberglass and Metal Air Ducts

Metal and fiberglass air ducts require different approaches when being cleaned. Have a member of the duct cleaning company you’ve employed show you what was cleaned and look out for any fissures that may cause air leaks, loose rivets or hanging insulation as these may serve as obstructions to air flow. After a duct cleaning company has finished the job, there should be no indications of air leaks and the right team of experts should be able to verify this for you.

Ventilation System Works Like New

Once the job is completed, test your air conditioner to make sure everything is working properly. Listen for any rattling or strange noises that may indicate a piece of debris is floating around or a screw that has come loose. The best duct cleaning company should leave your air conditioner in better condition than they found it. Over time, you should also notice a decrease in the monthly bills at your home or business.

Get answers to all your air questions by calling the best air duct cleaning company in the area. Duct Cleaning Melbourne has years of experience in what they do and are fully qualified to tackle any job, 7 days a week. Call us today at (03) 8672 1407 to receive your free consultation!

rudyDid My Duct Cleaning Company Do a Good Job?